November Walleye Fishing Report

The fishing is outstanding right now! Here is your November Walleye Fishing Report.

November Walleye Fishing Report

Shore, Boat, Day, and Night limits everywhere. The walleye have the feed bag on right now. As the walleye make their way back to the reefs, they are stopping at every major break and feeding heavily. Where: Marblehead, Huron, Vermillion, Lorain, and Cleveland. During the day you want to be 25 – 45 FOW depending on the bottom structure. If there is structure stick to the lower end of those numbers. Most of the bigger fish are down deep during the day. We had an 8-pound average out of Huron and all fish were between 20–25 ft. deep. At night you need to be as shallow as 8’. The fish are feeding heavily at night close to shore. You should have no problem marking them from a boat, they are in big schools.

If you are on shore, again, look for bait. If there is no bait to be seen then move locations. How: Trolling at night and during the day producing the best numbers. Very fast limits coming in. Reef runners and Bandits are doing most of the damage during the day. P10s and Husky jerks at night. If you are casting from shore you want to throw either a husky jerk or P10. Below are some areas to try at night and during the day for walleye.

Perch Fishing Report

There are perch still around and they are getting bigger. The islands are still the place to be for perch. American Eagle Shoal, Lucy’s Point, and Lakeside have been good this past week for perch. Also, the Marblehead lighthouse has given up a few limits this week also. The ticket this week has been to use crappie rigs, not perch rigs. Just Carolina rig a 1 oz. weight above the crappie rig and send it down. Seems the wire from the perch rigs is scaring the perch. Goldies or shiners, both are catching fish.

Steelhead Fishing Report

The steelheads are stacked outside the rivers. They were anxiously waiting the rain we just received. By Sunday there should be fish in the rivers in good numbers. Before they did not have enough water to run up. If you are fishing the rivers, watch the gauges, only the small streams will fish this weekend. You will most likely have more success if you hit the lakeshore and cast little cleos. For next week when the rivers become fishable again, fish the deep holes at the head and tail of the riffles. Fish slow with egg sacs or egg patterns if you fly fish. These fish should still have the feed bag on before winter. If you have a boat, now is the time to hit the mouth of the rivers and the lakeshore, the fish are in good numbers at the mouths.