Erie Walleye Fishing | 17 Aug 2018

Fishing is still hot for Walleye, Perch, and Bass.  The fish have been moving around a bit though.  The approximate locations are below. Below is your Erie walleye fishing report.


Walleye Fishing Report

There are limits being taken all over Lake Erie, but if you want big fish head to the Eastern basin.

Islands – Canadian waters are where you want to be for a fast limit of eyes.  The Eastern side of the Chick islands and East of Pelee Island has been excellent.  If you don’t have the option of fishing north of the border the East and West sides of West Sister Island, North of Kelleys, and West Reef all have active walleye around.  These fish can be caught trolling or casting.  Spoons fished on dipsy divers will get you a fast limit.

Central – Huron 30 FOW, Vermilion Sandbar, Lorain Dump, Cleveland 60 FOW, Conny 70 FOW.  Target fish at a minimum depth of 22 feet and you should pull a fast limit.  Spoons trolled around 2-2.5 mph has been working the best.  Also bandits fished with snap weights have been producing some nice fish.

Eastern – Erie, PA to Buffalo, NY is on fire right now.  Head out about 8-10 miles and there are some big fish hanging down deep in 70 FOW.  Find the bait, find the fish.  Spoons and Stickbaits fished on dipsy divers is your best bet.  There are steelhead mixed in with the walleyes out at those depths also. Hopefully this Erie walleye fishing report helps you catch more fish.

Perch Fishing Report

The islands are where you want to be.  You may have to search for them as the schools are moving around a bit.  Starve, Mouse, West of Green and Rattlesnake, North  and East of Kelleys, and the Marblehead lighthouse have been producing some nice limits of perch.  Golden shiners or Emerald shiners are getting the most bites fished on a fly rig near the bottom.  Remember, if you are not catching them steady, then move.

Lake Erie Bass Fishing Report

Largemouth – Offshore grass beds and in the harbors is where you will find the green fish.  In the mornings focus on the offshore grass beds around the islands to get bit.  As the day wears on the fish should move up to docks to get some cover from the sun.  If you want numbers go to East and West harbors.  If you want size fish the marinas on the West end of lake Erie in Michigan waters.  There are some monsters over that way.  The marinas offer deep grass and docks, as many as you can fish.

Smallmouth – Same depths as last report.  Still hanging around 20 – 23 FOW.  There are some fish that schooled up deep however around the 30-35 FOW range around structure.  Early in the morning, you can find them up shallow for a brief period before they slide back out to the offshore structure.  If you are fishing around the islands it’s not hard to find deep structure close to shore.  If fishing the southern shoreline the key is to find the structure around 20 FOW close to deep water.  That seems to be holding the most fish.  When you find them it can be fast and furious.