Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report | Jul 2018

Walleye Fishing Report
Walleye Fishing Report

The fishing action continues.  This is the best fishing we have had in quite some time. Hopefully, this Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report will help you catch more fish.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report

Ohio Walleye Fishing Report

Lorain, OH Walleye Fishing

The dump is producing fish still and also in close in 30 FOW.  Spoons and dipsys are producing the fastest action.  Bandits back 100 and harnesses w/ 3 oz. back 55-70 at 2.2 mph are pulling some fish also.

Cleveland, OH Walleye Fishing

The Crib still has some fish but they are all over right now.  The target depth should be in the 30 – 48 FOW.  There are also some fish out around 52-53 FOW.  All presentations are about catching fish.  Most are using spoons right now because of the ease of catch and reset.  Dipsys on a 3 setting back 70-100.

Ashtabula, OH Walleye Fishing

The fishing is hot.  Most are starting their troll as soon as they hit the end of the break wall.  Fish are from there out to 60 FOW.   Spoons are still king here also.  If you want bigger fish target the bottom huggers.

Pennsylvania Walleye Fishing

Erie, PA Walleye Fishing

Fish 40 -70 FOW.  The trenches, mountains, and points off the lighthouse are all good right now.  If you run spoons you will get a nice mix of steelhead in with the walleye.  Some bigger fish are hitting stick baits on dipsy divers down deep.   You can also run stick baits off of your down riggers.

New York Walleye Fishing

Barcelona, NY Walleye Fishing

50 – 65 FOW seems to be the consensus among the trollers.  Worm harnesses are doing very well in this area on dipsy divers and down riggers.  Run the dipsys on a 3 setting back 90 and about 20-35 down on the riggers.  40 jet back 90 is also taking some fish.  Don’t be afraid to switch to spoons, they are producing some nice fish also.

Buffalo, NY Walleye Fishing

Fish from the harbor wall out 50 ft.  There are a lot of walleye in the area.  Mostly eaters.  Some program as around Barcelona.

Perch Fishing Report

Fishing is hot right now.  West of Kelleys to South Bass, Mouse Island, Marblehead, West of the passage out to the cans.  All these places have been producing limits.  It helps to be able to mark fish on a plane and stop when you see them.  You can also attract a school if you have enough lines in the water.  To the West around the Toledo intake is some fishing hanging around also.  Got word there were some nice perch in the Bay also outside of the deep channel to the coal docks.

Central Basin Perch Fishing

I have only heard of a few perch being caught.  The ones that are catching are quiet because the fish are not plentiful.

Eastern Basin Perch Fishing

Sturgeon Point to Dunkirk has some nice fish hanging around.  You may not get a limit, but when you find them they are big.

Smallmouth Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Islands

Fish are hanging off of the deep rocky points.  Most of the fish have started to group up offshore on the shoals.  The target depth is around 17-25 fow.  Subtle bottom changes and rocks will hold smallmouth.  The key is to mark them.  Big boulders on your side scan are a good indication if you will find bass.  Drop shot rigs with minnow imitations and tubes in 3/8 oz. are the go-to baits.

Central Basin Smallmouth Fishing

Vermilion to Conny is very good for bass if you can find them.  Most of the fishermen spend more time idling than they do fishing.  One good key right now is fish the rock-to-sand transition.  Usually the last break before the sand wasteland.  16-30 FOW.  I know is a broad range, but it depends on the area you are fishing.  Rocks/Boulders are key here.

Eastern Basin Smallmouth Fishing

The shoals on the NY side are loaded with bass right now.  The shallower shoals will usually hold the smaller fish.  The bigger fish are living out deeper right now 25 FOW and beyond.  Find the big boulders and you will find the bass.  Myers Reef, Evans Bar, and Van Buren Reef all have fish on them.

Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing

The steelhead bite remains good offshore.  We like to target a minimum of 60 FOW.  This goes for all areas.  May try a little deeper the farther east you go.  Run dipsys and spoons at 2.5 mph or faster to get them to bite.  The key here is to find the bait balls.  Once you find the bait you will find the trout.  The good thing right now is you can catch a limit of walleye while fishing for trout.  Keeps you busy in between schools.

This Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report should help you catch more fish. If you want the most recent fishing report check out our fishing reports page!