Lake Erie Walleye Report | November 2017

The weather is cooling off, and the fishing is just getting good!  Learn about this Lake Erie walleye Report below!

Lake Erie Walleye Report

Walleye fishing remains excellent from Cleveland to Toledo.  No real big fish yet, but give it time.  They have the feed bag on.  From Toledo to the islands some bigger fish are starting to show up.  During the day the bite has been around West Sister Island and the chute between South Bass and Catawba Island.  Kelley’s Island has fish hanging around all sides as usual for this time of year.  At night trollers are sliding into about 8-12 FOW and running shallow stick baits.  That bite has been better than the day bite.  From Cedar Point to Cleveland has been the hottest fishing.  Areas to hit hard are the Huron dump (27/34 middle), The sandbar (31.4/21.5 south end), 50 FOW out of Cleveland has some bigger fish hanging around, and 40 FOW between Lorain and Huron is loaded with fish.  At night just like the West end, slide into 8-12 FOW anywhere and look for marks. The structure at the Castle has been good this past week.  Just bring your baits up as you would in close, and let your boards out as far as possible.  The casting bite has remained just as good as the trolling bite.  Lots, I mean lots, of fish are being caught right after sunset at Lakeside, Dempsey, Mazuricks, Huron, Vermillion, Edgewater, and E72nd Street.  If you have access to deep water from shore don’t be afraid to try it, you might be surprised.

Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report

The jumbos have come out to play in the central basin.  Lorain and Vermilion have some jumbo perch hanging around.   The bite is not hot and heavy, however there are enough to fill a cooler out there.  Right outside the harbors has been good this past week.  The fellas I talked to said they idled around for 1 hour until they had good marks and set up.  They were catching nothing under 10 inches.  The west end still has the numbers, however.  Lakeside, South of Kelley’s, and East of South Bass has a lot of perch hanging around.  They are catching limits there, but the size is lacking.

Steelhead Lake Erie Fishing Report

The steelhead bite will be phenomenal when the water settles out.  That should be tomorrow or the day after depending on what river you fish.  The Vermilion will be the last to clear up.  Some were fishing the Rocky River today with success.  The fish are most definitely in the deep holes resting.  The key right now is to keep moving until you catch one, then slow down in the same area.  Most are still using egg sacs and bead head nymphs.  If you do not have either of those then use a hair jig tipped with maggots.  That works just as well as egg sacs some days.  Just depends on what they want.