Maumee Walleye: Fishing Report March 2018

We have been holding off a report until now because we knew the fishing would get better.  Well, the fishing has gotten very good lately, but mostly for river fishermen.  We should start to have more reports coming out as the weather gets more cooperative.  The Maumee walleye run has started, the report is below.

Walleye Trolling and Jigging

The lake is still churned up from the raging rivers and the stiff wind lately.  Finding clean water is the key to success right now.  That being said I have heard 0 about the jig bite on the reefs.  Might still be a little cold to ramp things up just yet.  However, the trolling bite is picking up big time.  As before you need to be in slightly stained to clear water to get these fish to go.  The perfect watercolor would be so you can barely see your prop.  Bandits and deep husky jerks are taking most of the fish.  Unassisted and weighted in both cases.  Speed has been slow (.8 – 1.2).  The water is still very cold.  Just depends on where the fish are in the water column.  The best areas right now are 3 miles NW of Catawba, Rattlesnake, and North of Kelleys Island.  Go figure, those are also the areas that have the cleanest water.  Also, the mouth of Maumee Bay and Sandusky Bay can both be very productive right now as the walleye make their trek to the rivers.  Lastly, the mouth of the Detroit River is really good right now for jigging and trolling.

Maumee and Sandusky River Walleye Run

The walleye are in and limits are being taken right now.  Keep in mind this is still really early for the run, this is a good thing because it will only get better.  This weekend is going to be nice weather too.  Most of the limits I’m seeing are from the Maumee River, but the Sandusky has been holding its own.  Bluegrass Island/Buttonwood Park on the Maumee and Rodger Young and Walsh Parks on the Sandusky are the areas you want to try.  Make sure you layer under your waders or have insulated waders.  The water temperature is 36-37 degrees.  Both rivers are low and have settled out from all the rain we got.  All legal areas are accessible in both rivers.  For the new people, the most productive and snag-free setup is a Carolina rigged 1/4-5/8 weight with 18-24 inches of leader to a floating jig head and twister tail trailer.  Use the most obnoxious twister tail you can find, the brighter the better.  The limit is 4 walleye per person and if fishing from shore you must use your stringer.

Steelhead Fishing Report: Lake Erie

Well, the spring run has started and so have the double-digit days.  Egg sacs, Nymphs, and Streamers fished in the shallow rapids and deep holes on both sides have been taking most of the fish.  If you fish egg sacs having fresh salmon or steelhead eggs is the best.  Every river is fishable at the time of this report.  The Rocky is at 253 CFS and the Vermilion is at 127 CFS.