Perch Rigs for Fishing

perch rigs for fishing
perch rigs for fishing

Perch rigs for fishing: The Best

Fishing for perch can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you have the right rig. Although the use of a traditional perch spreader will still catch fish, those days are slowly leaving. New techniques to catch perch have come to the town. In this article, we’ll explore the best perch rigs that can help you catch more fish on Lake Erie. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, these setups will give you an edge on the water.

Perch rigs for fishing have evolved quickly over the past few years. Fishermen have figured out that perch did not necessarily change their diet, but some rigs downright catch more fish. Most of these new rigs revolve around a simplistic look with a fluorocarbon line. Somewhat of a minimalist look to it. Of course, you still need to tip these new perch rigs with bait, but the hook and flash itself has a smaller profile.

Best all-around perch rig: The Sabiki Rig

Fishing a sabiki rig for yellow perch can be an exciting and productive technique, especially when the fish are schooling. A sabiki rig is a type of fishing lure that consists of multiple small hooks attached to a main line, often adorned with flashy materials or small plastic baits. To use a sabiki rig for yellow perch, start by selecting a rig with hooks sized appropriately for perch, typically in the range of size 8 to 12. Attach a small weight to the bottom of the rig to help it sink and maintain a vertical presentation. Lower the rig into the water near structure or areas where perch are known to gather, such as around underwater vegetation, near drop-offs, or along the edges of weed beds. Slowly raise and lower the rig, using gentle jigging motions to mimic a school of small baitfish.

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The multiple hooks on the sabiki rig allow you to catch several perch at once, which can be particularly effective when you’ve located a hungry school. Pay attention to the depth where you’re getting bites and adjust accordingly. Sabiki rigs can be fished from shore, docks, or boats, making them versatile for various fishing situations. When you feel a bite or multiple bites, slowly reel in the rig to avoid losing any hooked fish. The flashy appearance and lifelike movement of the sabiki rig can trigger the predatory instincts of yellow perch, often resulting in fast action and a fun fishing experience.

Top rig for deep water: The drop shot rig

When perch are holding in deeper water, the drop shot rig is hard to beat. This rig keeps your bait suspended off the bottom, right in the strike zone of hungry perch. To tie a drop shot rig, thread a drop shot hook onto your main line using a Palomar knot. Leave a long tag end, about 12-24 inches, and attach a weight to the end of this tag. The weight will sit on the bottom while your bait hovers above it.

The drop shot rig is incredibly effective for perch because it allows you to present your bait at a specific depth. You can use live bait or soft plastics with this rig. It’s especially useful when fishing around underwater structure or when you’ve located a school of perch on your fish finder.

Tips for success with perch rigs

Now that we’ve covered the top 10 perch rigs, let’s discuss some general tips to help you catch more fish:

Match your bait size to the perch

Perch can be finicky about bait size. As a general rule, start with smaller baits and adjust if needed. Most of the time, perch prefer smaller offerings, especially in clear water or when the bite is tough.

Pay attention to colors

While perch aren’t as color-sensitive as some other species, they do have preferences. Bright colors like chartreuse, white, and yellow are often effective. In clear water, more natural colors like brown or green can work well. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what the perch wants on any given day.

Use light line

Perch have good eyesight, so using light lines can lead to more bites, especially in clear water. 4-6-pound test is a good all-around choice, but you may want to go as light as a 2-pound test in ultra-clear conditions.

Fish around structure

Perch love to hang around structure like weed beds, fallen trees, and docks. Focus your efforts on these areas, especially during the warmer months when perch are more active.

Try different depths

Perch can be found at various depths depending on the time of year and available food sources. Don’t be afraid to try different depths until you locate the fish. Perch rigs for fishing like the slip bobber and drop shot are great for probing different levels in the water column.

Use your electronics

If you have a fish finder, use it to locate schools of perch. Once you find them, you can drop your bait right into the school for instant action.

Pay attention to seasonal patterns

Perch behavior changes throughout the year. In spring and fall, they often move shallow to feed. During summer, they may retreat to deeper, cooler water. In winter, they typically hold near the bottom in deeper areas.

Don’t overlook live bait

While artificial lures can be very effective, live bait is often the top producer for perch. Minnows, worms, and maggots are all excellent choices.

Fish during prime times

Perch are often most active during low light conditions. Early morning and late evening can be prime times to catch perch, especially during the warmer months.

Be prepared to move

If you’re not getting bites, don’t be afraid to move to a new spot. Perch often school up, so if you find one, there are likely more nearby. Sometimes you only have to move 100 or so yards, and sometimes miles. It just depends on where the bait fish are.

Mastering these top 10 perch rigs will greatly improve your chances of success on the water. Remember, the best rig often depends on the specific conditions you’re facing, so it’s a good idea to be familiar with several different setups. Don’t be afraid to experiment and switch rigs if you’re not getting bites.

Perch fishing can be incredibly rewarding, offering fast action and tasty fillets. With these perch rigs for fishing in your arsenal and the tips we’ve provided, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle a variety of perch fishing scenarios. So grab your gear, hit the water, and put these perch rigs to the test. Tight lines and happy fishing!