Spring Bass Fishing

Spring Bass Fishing
Spring Bass Fishing

Spring is the best time to bass fish on any lake. The bass are grouped up and are ready to bite your bait. Pre-spawn bass are some of the largest bass caught all year. On certain areas of a lake, pre-spawn bass will group up and stage outside of the spawning grounds. This makes them fairly easy to find and usually hungry making spring bass fishing better.

The warming waters in the spring turn winter bass into eating machines. Bass group up and feed heavily when the water starts to warm up in the spring. Before the spawn, bass like to eat as much as possible because they will need the energy later.

Best Weather for Spring Bass Fishing

No matter where you are in Bass country, spring weather can be unpredictable. We will narrow down the best weather for spring bass fishing. The best spring bass fishing is when there is steady pressure and weather for about a week. Fish at the end of this cycle to have a good fishing day.

Cloudy days

On cloudy days, bass like to move around and explore. These are typically the best days in the spring for bass fishing. During spawning time, the bass will move up shallow on cloudy days. If you are fishing outside of the spawning period, fish points and dropoffs heading to the spawning waters.

Windy Days

Windy days are some of our favorite days for bass fishing. Wind will push bait into coves and across p0ints. When this happens the bass are not far behind. Look for bait on your graph and fish around it, there are sure to be bass hanging around.

Fishing in the Rain

Fishing in the rain can be a pain for most people, but the fish don’t care because they are already wet. Some of the best fishing days in the spring are on rainy days. Changing weather patterns in the spring can trigger fish to feed and move around.

Areas to Target for Spring Bass

Spring bass fishing changes week by week as the water warms up. In a largemouth fishery, structure is key to finding largemouth. They like gravel areas and wood in the spring. In a smallmouth fishery, points and steep rock walls can be great for fishing in the spring. Even better would be large boulders. Anglers have to adjust to changing conditions in the spring. Weather patterns can change a fishing bite in just a few hours. Cold fronts are a fisherman’s worst nightmare in the spring. These can turn a hot bite into no bites.

Spring Bass Fishing Lures

spring bass bait

There is no easy solution to choosing a spring bass fishing lure for anglers. It changes weekly or daily with the weather. Specifically fronts and water temperature. Some of the key spring lures are square bill crankbaits, spinner baits, creatures baits, and worms. Each of these baits has different weights and sizes. It is up to each angler to figure out what the fish want. On a warming trend, moving baits will be better. During a cold front or unsteady weather, it may be better to use a bottom bait.