Lake Erie Fishing Tackle


Planer board fishing is a specialized fishing tool used primarily in open water environments, particularly for targeting species like walleye. It is an essential part of Lake Erie fishing tackle.  Planer boards are plastic and have foam embedded in them to make them float. The boards are designed to spread fishing lines out to the sides of a boat, allowing anglers to cover a broader area of the water and present multiple baits or lures. This method is particularly effective in situations where fish are dispersed, and it helps in avoiding the tangling of lines. Anglers often use release clips to attach the fishing line to the planer board.  Most planer boards offer upgrades to the stock clips which are brand specific. Planer board fishing requires careful adjustment of line lengths, board distance from the boat, and speed control. Walleye will shy away from your boat if they are high in the water column.  Lastly, Planer boards keep your lures away from the boat and increases catch rates.


Using fish finders on Lake Erie is a valuable tool for anglers.  Lake Erie, one of North America’s Great Lakes, is known for its diverse fish populations, including walleye, perch, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and more. Fish finders equipped with advanced sonar technology, GPS, and chartplotting capabilities are particularly helpful on this large lake. They enable anglers to locate schools of fish, determine water depths, and identify underwater structures where fish might be hiding. Accordingly, These devices provide real-time information, allowing fishermen to make informed decisions about where to fish and how to adjust their lures. Fish finders have evolved into an essential fishing tool over the years. 

Lake Erie Fishing Tackle | Crankbaits

Trolling crankbaits on Lake Erie is a popular and productive fishing method that draws anglers seeking species like walleye and smallmouth bass. Crankbaits are versatile lures with diving bills that mimic baitfish. When trolling these lures, anglers typically use downriggers, lead core lines, or planer boards to control depth and distance from the boat. Varying trolling speeds and paying attention to depth finders are essential for success. Lake Erie’s vast size and fluctuating water conditions often necessitate experimentation with lure colors, sizes, and diving depths to find what the fish want. Trolling crankbaits allows fishermen to cover a lot of water and fast.  Lastly, Crankbaits must be a part of your Lake Erie fishing tackle.