Open Water Walleye Fishing | 24 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas to all who find this report!  Some folks made it out this past week with very good results. Got to love open water walleye fishing in December!

Open Water Walleye Fishing

As expected the walleye bite was nothing short of excellent.  The most productive areas were Cleveland, Lorain, Huron, and Kelley’s Island.  Most anglers chose to stay around Huron and the Islands.  SW corner of the Huron dump, American Eagle shoal, Mouse Island, and Cedar Point had the most action.  Bandits, Reef Runner 800s, and Husky Jerks took most of the fish.  Unassisted was the key for us at 80 – 100 back.  Antifreeze, IBfrozen, Green Clown, and Barbie were the best colors.   There were small pods of fish and the key was to stay on the active fish. 

There were marks all over, however some were not eating.  We worked a small 300 x 300-yard area and hooked 30 fish in just a couple of hours around the islands.  The fish were related to structure.  At night, the Cleveland break wall was the place to be (no surprise there).  The casting bite was on and off this past week.  Some nights/locations were doing better than others.  The hot report seemed to be coming from Edgewater and E55th steady through the week.

Perch Fishing Report

Had a report of 1 limit taken in 30 FOW off of Marblehead.

Steelhead Fishing Report

This past week was pretty good for the near-shore and river fishermen.  Lots of fresh fish were made into the systems with the warmup and a little bit of rain we got.  If you are looking to get out, I would do it in the next couple of days.  The temperatures are not in your favor.

Sorry for the short report, but on the good side looks like the inland lakes will start to freeze this week.  Always hoping for an extended freeze for Erie.