Lake Erie Wind Slows Ice Fishing | Jan 2018

Lake erie wind forecast
Lake erie wind forecast

Any information in the post is for information only. You and only you are responsible for your actions while ice fishing Lake Erie regardless of “what you heard.” Lake Erie wind has slowed the ice fishing almost to a halt for most.

Main Lake Erie Remains hit or miss for most ice fishermen.  There are very unstable ice conditions happening all over Erie right now.  There have been several incidents in the last week.  Now is not the time for a rookie.  The wind forecast starting Wednesday is not suitable and will most likely mess things up again.


Some walleye are still being caught out of Catawba.  However, the ice is not in very good condition.  Anglers are jumping cracks and heaves to get to the fish.  Fish are being caught closer to the park on a good note.  Mostly due to only foot traffic on the ice.  When there are hundreds of machines it pushes the fish away from the noise.  The fish that are being caught are still on the average size, the big fish have not made the corner yet.  Jigging raps tipped with minnows is still the ticket.  1 dead stick and 1 jigging to bring them in have been catching most of the fish.

With the main lake ice not being cooperative there are some alternatives in the area.  East and West harbors offer good action with bluegill, perch, and crappie.  More bluegill than anything.  Find the deeper areas that have weed beds and you will be set.  Also, the harbors in Sandusky Bay can be very productive for crappie in the wintertime.


Some perch are being caught close to the state park along with the walleye.  No real size, just good eaters. With Lake Erie wind blowing, it’s hard to get out and fish.


The rivers opened up for a brief period allowing access to some of the streams.  Egg sacs fished in the slower pools should be the ticket right now.  If you find one there will be more with it.