Cold water safety on Lake Erie

Cold water on lake Erie means big fish stacked up in small areas.  This in return brings out the most fisherman you will see all season.  There are however hidden dangers that you need to

Fishing at night for Lake Erie walleye

The fall colors are in full swing and so are the walleye. In the fall walleye start to migrate to the spawning grounds in preparation for the spring. They have one thing on their mind

Shore fishing for Lake Erie walleye

Shore fishing can be an exciting and rewarding way to fish for Lake Erie walleye. There are a variety of tackle, baits, locations, and techniques to catch walleye from shore. The tips in this article

The Maumee and Sandusky River Walleye Runs

Every spring thousands of walleye make their way to the western basin of lake Erie.  There they will spawn on the reefs, basins, and rivers.  River fishing for spawning walleye has become quite popular and