Lake Erie Fishing Articles

Learn all about specific topics on Lake Erie fishing, Lake Erie waves, and Lake Erie Weather.  In the Lake Erie fishing articles we try and cover specific topics to help better your fishing and boating experience.  Articles cover topics from shore fishing to safety and all in between.  The articles are on popular topics and written so a beginner can learn more about Lake Erie. Articles are not posted as often as Lake Erie Fishing Reports

cold weather fishing

Cold water safety on Lake Erie

Cold water safety on Lake Erie is important to having a good day on water.  Whether boating or shore fishing, you need to be prepared for the cold air and water temperature.  Cold weather means

Walleye Trolling at Night

Fishing at night for Lake Erie walleye

  Night fishing for Lake Erie Walleye has been popular for years. In the fall, walleye start to migrate to the spawning grounds in preparation for the spring. They have one thing on their mind,

Lake Erie walleye charter

Lake Erie Wave Report and Weather

Lake Erie wave reports and weather play a major role in fishing and boating on the lake. This article will help you be more prepared.  Knowing where to find a Lake Erie wave report will

shore fishing walleye lake erie

Shore Fishing for Walleye

Shore fishing can be an exciting and rewarding way to fish for walleye, especially on Lake Erie in the spring or fall seasons. When a person thinks about fishing for walleye on Lake Erie they

The Maumee and Sandusky River Walleye Runs

Every spring thousands of walleye make their way to the western basin of Lake Erie for the Maumee River walleye run and Sandusky River walleye run.  There they will spawn on the reefs, basins, and