Lake Erie Fishing Report

Lake Erie Fishing Report

The Best Lake Erie Fishing Report

Our goal is to write most relevant Lake Erie fishing reports for the Western, Central, and Eastern Basins of the lake.  Each fishing report states where and how fish are being caught in Lake Erie.  Fishing reports for Lake Erie walleye, perch, bass, and steelhead depending on the time of year. We post ice condition and ice fishing reports during the season.  Our reports include the exact locations of where fish are being caught, the baits and speed, and techniques.  Our goal is to put you on the fish. 

Lake Erie fishing is all about timing.  If you are a weekend angler this can be challenging.  The Erie fishing reports will help you pin point where fish are on the lake.  That way you can focus on fishing and not searching! Each Erie fishing report will be specific to the week or month.  The species covered in each report will be dependent on the season.  Below are the most recent Lake Erie fishing reports.

Lake Erie fishing is all about seasonal timing.  For example, walleye migrate throughout Lake Erie.  In the fall, they stage in deep water and feed while migrating to spawning grounds.  In the spring, they can be found on shallow reefs and rivers during the spawn. During summertime, walleye will be found in the deep waters of the western and eastern basins of Lake Erie. Steelhead are a cold water fish, in the summer they can be found roaming the deep basins of the lake chasing bait. 

In the fall, fish move back into the rivers to spawn. Perch and smallmouth bass act the same, they are found in specific areas at different times of the year.  Mostly due to spawning habits and water temperature.  Both are cold water species that spawn in the early spring on Lake Erie.  Our Lake Erie Fishing Reports cover all species with specific locations and techniques.

Summer Lake Erie fishing is an exciting time.  All summer long walleye can be caught casting worm harnesses or trolling crankbaits. Spoons on dipsy divers is another popular technique for summer walleye.  In the summer it’s not uncommon to catch a boat limit of walleye in less than 2 hours.  With the number of walleye in Lake Erie, the fishing is great in the summertime.

During late summer perch fishing picks up in the Western Basin between the islands. Perch migrate from their spawning grounds in search of food.  As bait fish move so do the perch.  Spreaders and perch rigs are popular to use in the summertime.  Don’t forget to use the perch’s favorite food, the emerald shiner.

Additionally, Bass fishing is good all summer long.  Largemouth feed around docks in the harbors.  Smallmouth bass are typically deeper in about 20-25 FOW during the summer months.

Spring is the best time to fish on Lake Erie.  The walleye are spawning, the bass are hungry, and the perch are plentiful. Walleye migrate to the reefs and rivers of the Western Basin in March-April to spawn. Bass fishing in the spring typically picks up around early April. You can catch walleye jigging or trolling in the spring.  In our detailed fishing reports we cover both tactics with exact locations and presentations.

Perch typically are the first fish to spawn.  Sandusky Bay is a great place to try for jumbo perch in the early spring.  Use a spreader tipped with emerald shiners on the bottom. Perch can be caught from a boat or from shore.  Some of the more popular piers in Sandusky Bay are lined with perch fisherman looking for a trophy sized fish in the spring.

Smallmouth fishing is done mostly in the spring.  Most bass fisherman on Lake Erie are catch and release so the closed season doesn’t effect them much.  If you do catch a true trophy smallmouth, right now you are allowed keep one fish over 18″ in the spring time.

Fall Lake Erie fishing is like no other.  Just like in the Spring all predatory fish are feeding heavily and the fishing gets great.  Walleye start moving in closer to shore and feed heavily on bait fish.  Even during the day fish can be caught in good size and numbers close to shore.  This is due to the water rapidly cooling. In the fall, shore fishing for walleye really picks up.  Night fishing for walleye is popular in the central basin.  Large groups of walleye comb the rocky shorelines at night looking for an easy meal. 

Perch fishing can be great in November.  Target areas around Kelley’s Island and Vermilion in about 22 FOW.  The Fall is the best time to catch a trophy smallmouth bass.  The fish will group up on structure off of Pelee Island and the Canadian shore.