South Bass Island Guided Tours

put in bay hiking trails
put in bay hiking trails

Visitors to South Bass Island have the opportunity to enhance their island experience by participating in guided tours and excursions that provide insights into the island’s history, natural beauty, and recreational activities. Tours range from walking, hiking, fishing, and boating. Here’s how you can book tours and guided experiences.

South Bass Island Guided Tours

Several local tour operators on South Bass Island offer a variety of guided tours and experiences. These tours are often led by knowledgeable guides who are passionate about the island and its attractions. There is a tour available for almost every piece of history on the island. Some popular types of tours include the following:

Island History Tours

Explore the rich history of South Bass Island through guided historical tours. These tours may include visits to museums, historical sites, and insights into the island’s past. The South Bass Island Lighthouse has guided tours available by reservation.

Winery and Brewery Tours

Discover the island’s wineries and breweries with guided tours that often include tastings of locally produced wines, beers, and spirits. The Put-in-Bay Winery offers a wonderful tour of its facility and variety of wines. Heinemans on South Bass Island also offers a tour of their property and wine tasting.

Nature and Adventure Tours

For outdoor enthusiasts, nature and adventure tours can be booked to explore the island’s natural beauty. These tours might include hiking, birdwatching, kayaking, or exploring scenic landscapes. The Lake Erie Islands Nature & Wildlife Center offers education on the area.

Lake Erie Fishing Charter

South Bass Island has fishing guides that stay or live on the island. They are conveniently located in the marina on the North side of the island. Most are within walking distance from downtown. When you book your fishing charter, ask them if they are located in the marina or launching before the trip. Check out our fishing charter page, you can view and pick a captain there.

To book tours with local operators, you can usually visit their websites, contact them directly by phone or email, or inquire about availability in person at their offices or visitor centers.

Booking a South Bass Island Tour

Many tour operators on South Bass Island partner with online booking platforms, making it convenient for visitors to reserve tours in advance. Websites and mobile apps like TripAdvisor, Viator, and GetYourGuide often list a variety of guided tours and experiences on the island. These platforms provide detailed information about each tour, including descriptions, prices, and reviews from previous participants. Booking through these platforms allows you to secure your spot and access additional information about the tours.

South Bass Island Visitor Centers

When you arrive on South Bass Island, consider visiting the local visitor information centers. These centers typically provide brochures, maps, and information about available tours and guided experiences. The staff can also assist you in booking tours, answering questions, and providing recommendations based on your interests. The Ohio Sea Grant offers an aquatic visitor center.

Information from Hotels

If you’re staying at a hotel, inn, or vacation rental on the island, inquire with the accommodation’s concierge or front desk staff. They often know local tour operators and can assist in booking tours that align with your preferences and schedule. Sometimes the hotel will have tour guides on staff, whether it be for history or fishing.

South Bass Island offers a wide range of guided tours and experiences that cater to various interests. Booking these tours can be done through local operators, online booking platforms, visitor information centers, or your accommodation’s concierge service. Whether you’re interested in history, nature, culinary delights, or adventure, there’s likely a guided tour on the island that will enhance your visit and provide memorable experiences.