Lake Erie Fishing Report September 2023

Lake Erie Perch
Lake Erie Perch

Below is your Lake Erie Fishing Report. Anglers across Lake Erie are reporting great numbers of Walleye, Perch, and Bass being caught.  Lastly, below is your Perch Walleye Fishing Report.


Perch Walleye Fishing Report


Good numbers of perch are being caught in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Primarily around the cans/islands. Fish are being caught in all depths from 20 ft. to 45 ft. Fishermen are using a finesse-type approach to catch more fish. Using a three-hook sabiki rig, crappie rig, or weight forward bottom rig has been producing the most fish.


Some of the areas to try are Lakeside Marblehead, the North side of Kelleys Island, the Marblehead Lighthouse, American Eagle Shoal, the South side of Green Island, and the can on the North side of North Bass Island. The area outside of Maumee Bay is still producing good numbers of perch as well. New York has excellent fishing right now. Accordingly, Great numbers and sizes in the Eastern basin. Cattaraugus Creek is a good place to launch.


Walleye fishing this September has been great. The best Lake Erie Walleye Fishing is in the Central and Eastern basins. Targeting 60 – 75 FOW will result in the best experience. Fast limits and good size are coming from those depths targeting the 50 ft. zone.


There have been a couple of reports of limits in the 50 FOW zone, but not many. Dipsy Divers and down riggers with spoons or shallow cranks are producing the most bites. If you don’t want to venture out to those basins, there are fish in Canadian waters around the islands. Target the areas East of Pelee Island using worm harnesses. As the weather cools and becomes more unstable the fish will start migrating and moving in. We are still a good month out from that. If you are on shore, the bite will pick up in the next month! Lastly, learn all about shore fishing for Lake Erie Walleye Here!


Bass Fishing


Largemouth fishing remains good around the harbors on the West end of Lake Erie. Using jigs and drop shots in the harbors has been the best technique. Largemouth fishing around Catawba Island remains great as well. Jigs, tubes, drop shots, and swimbaits work great around Catawba Island. Fishing the main lake will produce better sizes of fish, but numbers can still be had inside the harbors. Smallmouth fishing has been good the last month. On the West end, the Canadian shore has been the best bite in 20-28 ft. from Black Willow Beach all the way to Colchester. The Central basin remains OK with fish being caught from 20-30 ft.


Accordingly, The Eastern Basin smallmouth fishing is great right now for numbers and size. Additionally, The area around Buffalo and the Niagara River is excellent. Fish are in the 20-35 ft. range in this area. If you find the bait you will find the fish on the Eastern side.


We hope this Perch Walleye Fishing Report helps you catch more fish. Lastly, If you have anything to add to the next one please leave a comment on our Facebook page!