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bass fishing net
bass fishing net

What to Look for in a Good Bass Fishing Net

Bass fishing nets are essential to a good day on the water. Whether you are casting from shore a boat, a good fishing net will save the day when you hook the big one!

Choosing the right bass fishing net is crucial for safely and successfully landing your catch. You’ll want a net that is tough enough to withstand the power of a thrashing bass, yet gentle enough to prevent harming the fish. The size and shape of the net hoop need to be appropriate for the size bass you’re targeting. And the handle length should provide enough reach while still being manageable. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect net – but considering the material, hoop dimensions, and handle length will point you in the right direction.

Net Material

The net material is super important. You’ll want something tough and won’t easily rip or tear when landing a big bass.

Rubber Coated NylonStretchy, durable, fish-friendlyCan get stiff in cold
MicromeshVery gentle on fishNot as strong as other options
Poly MonoInexpensiveRougher on fish

Hoop Size

You’ll want a net hoop big enough to easily scoop up any bass you’re after. Bigger is generally better, but super huge nets can be awkward in a small boat. Think about what you want to use the net for. How big of a fish? If using the net for smaller river bass, you may opt for a small rubber net with a short handle. If you are fishing for southern largemouth, you will want a net big enough to handle a double-digit bass.

Net Handle Length

Look for a net handle that’s long enough to comfortably reach out and lip a bass – around 3-4 feet is ideal for most anglers. Too short and you’ll struggle; too long and it’s hard to control. If fishing from shore, a longer net handle may come in handy when fishing from rocks or a pier. If you are in a boat and fish alone, a short-handled net might be better.

Top 10 Bass Fishing Nets

With all the different bass fishing nets on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one. That’s why we did the research and testing to determine the 10 very best bass nets money can buy right now. From monster-sized rubber-coated nylon models to micromesh nets that coddle your catch, there’s something for every bass angler here. Check out the key features and benefits that make each of these nets stand out.

1. BUBBA Landing Net

Why We Love It:

  • 16″, 20″, and 24″ rubber-coated nylon net = Huge but still manageable
  • 48″ handle is perfect for bass boats
  • Durable construction built to last seasons
  • Rubber-coated nylon is soft on fish but super strong

2. Tackle HD Telescopic Landing Net

Why It’s A Winner:

  • 36-54″ rubber mesh net is very gentle yet sturdy
  • Compact 36″-54″ handle length for tight spaces
  • Leverage the locking handle for a solid grip

3. RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Net

What Makes It Great:

  • 16″ rubber net
  • 40″-63″ handle length is versatile
  • The durable handle feels great
  • Removing fish is easy

4. Floating Fishing Net Foldable

Top Features: This is a great compact fishing net

  • 12″-16″ hoop mesh net for a budget price
  • 26″-39″ handle with a comfortable grip
  • Folds down small for storage

5. Kayak Fishing Net with Handle

Why You’ll Love It:

  • 30-40 cm mesh protects fish perfectly
  • Compact 72 cm handle length
  • Lightweight
  • Textured non-slip grip on the handle

6. Frabill Sportsman Rubber Net

What Stands Out:

  • Rubber-coated nylon net is 17″ x 19″ hoop size
  • 24″-48″ telescoping handle
  • Adjustable handle length is super versatile

7. PLUSINNO Fishing Net

Top Benefits:

  • 15.5″ hoop size
  • 28.34”-34.45” lightweight handle

8. RESTCLOUD Fish Landing Net

Why It’s A Keeper:

  • 18″ x 21″ Hoop net
  • 40″-63″ telescoping handle is sturdy yet lightweight
  • Deep basket shape for better scooping
  • Reinforced hoop lasts through lots of use

9. KastKing Brutus Fishing Net

Key Highlights:

  • 10″, 16″, and 20″ Hoop sizes to choose from
  • 26″ handle is perfect reach
  • Holds up to 44lbs
  • Stiff hoop makes it easy to lip big bass

10. Frabill Conservation Telescoping Handle Net

Don’t Overlook This One:

  • 23″ X 26″ Hoop net size
  • 35″-60″ lightweight telescoping handle

Caring For Bass Fishing Nets

No matter how good your bass fishing net is, it won’t last long if you don’t take proper care of it. Salt, dirt, and moisture can really do a number on nets, causing rips, tears, mold, and mildew over time. A little maintenance goes a long way in preserving your net so it continues performing at its best for seasons to come. Taking just a few simple steps after each use can maximize its lifespan.

Get the most life out of your bass fishing nets

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use to prevent buildup
  • Let it fully dry before storing to prevent mold/mildew
  • Use a net refresher spray periodically to help the netting last longer
  • Check for any rips, tears, or other damage and repair/replace as needed

With the right bass fishing net in hand and proper care, you’ll be landing big bucketmouths with ease all season long! We hope the bass fishing nets above help your choice!