Lake Erie Fishing Report June 2024

lake erie walleye charter
lake erie walleye charter

Lake Erie Walleye Report

Here is your Lake Erie fishing report for June 2024. Lots of good areas to fish since summer patterns are in full swing.

Huron to Vermillion

Fishing has been great between 40-41 FOW in this area. Some fish are even further out in 45 feet. Depending on what you are trolling 1.9-2.4 MPH has been best. Slower speeds are needed if trolling crankbaits, some types will spin out if you pull them at faster speeds. Most people are running dipsy divers and spoons. Casting worm harnesses has been effective in this area as well. There are lots of shorts to sort through like anywhere else, but the fish are there.


Lorain has been great lately. The dump area is loaded with 17″-20″ walleye. Same report as Huron, most are trolling dipsy divers and spoons at the same speed. 80-100 back on a 3 setting. Adjust multiple lines accordingly.


Cleveland has finally fired up for summer walleye fishing. 48 FOW has a lot of fish. Spoons with dipsy divers or worm harnesses with dipsy divers have been doing the best in this area. All 2 MPH and faster. Lots of 17″-20″ fish hanging around along with the shorts. Run a dipsy diver 75 back on a 3 setting or for worm harnesses run a 3-ounce weight back 75. A faster speed in this area seemed to keep the shorts off the line.


The fish have finally made it to Ashtabula. Fish around 40-45 FOW. Dipsy divers with spoons. 1 setting back 65′ and a 3 setting back 85′. It seems there are fewer short fish deeper, so run deeper if you need to get away from short walleye. Tru Trip 40s are doing great as well back 120 feet. Faster speeds in this area are producing the most fish @ 3 MPH.


Perch fishing is starting to heat up in the normal mid-summer spots. Reports are flooding in from the Toledo intake, Little Cedar Point, Cedar Point, and Catawba. It’s not hot and heavy yet, but the fish are starting to trickle in with the water warming up quickly this year. Just like in past reports, try and get shiners and tip a sabiki rig with them. This is by far the best bait in the past few years.


The smallmouth are post-spawn and the largemouth are feeding up. Both are moving to their summer homes. Fish can still be caught shallow, but look for that to change sooner rather than later. Smallmouth can be caught in current areas around the islands. Target 12-20 FOW. Largemouth are feeding heavily in the harbors and main lake grass. Some fish have already moved out of the harbors for the year around Catawba and Marblehead. Anywhere there is deep grass will hold fish.

Hopefully this Lake Erie fishing report for June 2024 helps you catch more fish. With summer in full swing, look for these areas to change rapidly. Fish will move with the bait.