Lake Erie Walleye Charter

lake erie walleye charter
lake erie walleye charter

When it comes to walleye fishing, Lake Erie stands out as a top destination for fishermen to catch walleye. To be specific, Port Clinton is the self-proclaimed walleye capital of the world. One of the best ways to experience walleye fishing is to hire a Lake Erie walleye charter. Depending on your group size and experience, different types of walleye charters are available. Whether you like to relax and just reel in fish, or get involved with setting lines and baiting hooks, there is a walleye charter for you. In this article, we explain all you need to know to have a great experience on a Lake Erie walleye charter.

About Lake Erie Walleye Fishing

Lake Erie is known in the fishing community for its massive walleye population. The Ohio Division of Wildlife has recently said in 2022 there are over 71 million catchable walleye in Lake Erie. Read more about the Lake Erie Hatch Results Here. Record hatches over the past few decades have compounded into one of the greatest walleye factories in the world.

TrollingTrolling can be done all year. In the colder months, charters will troll crankbaits. In the summer months, charters will troll spoons and worm harnesses.
CastingCasting can be done all year. Usually with worm harnesses or soft plastics.
JiggingJigging is popular with Lake Erie walleye charters during the spring months.
Bottom BouncingBottom bouncing is used in the spring and summer months using worm harnesses.

There are different techniques used to catch walleye on Lake Erie. You can cast, troll, and bottom bounce for walleye on Lake Erie. Hiring a Lake Erie walleye charter that knows how you like to fish is key. Lake Erie walleye charters are versed in all techniques used to catch fish.

What Size Fish Will You Catch on a Lake Erie Walleye Charter?

Walleye in Lake Erie are often caught between 3-6 lbs., with some walleye weighing in over 10 lbs. caught quite often. Every year the local and national news picks up on how strong the walleye population is in Ohio. The spring and fall are your best chances to catch a trophy walleye. At those times walleye are migrating and feeding in preparation for the months ahead. People come from all over the world to fish for Lake Erie Walleye on a charter because of its abundance and large size.

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Seasons

Spring and fall are particularly popular for trophy walleye fishing, with the fish moving closer to the shore during these seasons. In the spring, walleye make their annual migration to the western basin of Lake Erie to spawn on the reefs and rivers. Walleye will spawn on either underwater reefs or in river currents. In the fall/winter seasons, walleye will feed heavily and be full of eggs making them trophy-sized fish. Summer, on the other hand, presents the opportunity for more challenging deep-water fishing. In the summertime expect to fish in deep water trolling fast for walleye. If you want to book a walleye charter in the fall or spring, it’s best to do it well in advance because those dates fill up fast. Keep in mind the weather is unpredictable and a walleye charter captain will reschedule if bad weather hits.

Lake Erie fishing charter

Walleye Fishing Charter Experience

Lake Erie walleye charter

Opting for a walleye charter on Lake Erie provides anglers with the expertise of seasoned veterans. These professionals are well-versed in Lake Erie, ensuring that the passengers have a safe and fun experience catching walleye on Lake Erie. Not only is a Lake Erie charter about catching, but it is about teaching as well. On most walleye charters the captain will teach you how and where to catch walleye. This is so you can repeat the process on your boat. So make sure you ask as many questions as possible while out on a fishing charter. Lake Erie guides have to be licensed by federal and state entities. Ask for these credentials before booking a Lake Erie Walleye Charter.

Lake Erie Walleye Charters Equipment

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Boats

Charter services often come equipped with top-of-the-line gear, ensuring the clients have the best experience with limited failing equipment. Charter walleye boats are often newer and built for performance as well. They are comfortable boats to ride in and offer a great fishing experience. Make sure you know what style of boat you would like to be on before booking a fishing charter. Some boats are meant to be fast for tournament fishing, others are larger cruisers built more for comfort.

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Tackle

A Lake Erie fishing charter will provide you with the best fishing tackle money can buy. Whether trolling or casting, the tackle is sure to be top-notch. Normally, all gear is provided to the client to enjoy a day on the water: Reels, Rods, and Bait. If you want to bring your gear, discuss that with the captain before your trip.

Lake Erie Walleye Charter Options

Numerous Lake Erie walleye charters have flooded the market due to the fish population booming. Catching is easy, but not all charters are created equal. When researching potentially hiring a walleye charter, check to see if they are part-time or full-time. A full-time charter captain is usually more in tune with fishing patterns and locations as they are on the water every day. There are all kinds of different styles of boats for charter fishing, look at all the possibilities and make a decision based on your needs. Some boats are even handicap-accessible, so keep that in mind.

Walleye charter

The most important decision when booking a walleye charter is how you want to fish for walleye. The two methods used on Lake Erie are trolling and casting. Trolling involves pulling spoons, crankbaits, or worm harnesses behind planer boards. Casting is popular in the summer months using worm harnesses. Figure out what style of fishing appeals to you and make a decision based on that.

Customizing Your Walleye Charter Trip

Many walleye charters offer customizable packages to cater to unique situations. If you have a group of friends it might be wise to book a larger boat or multiple boats scheduled for the same day. Be sure to communicate your requirements with the charter service to ensure a personalized and enjoyable trip. A six-pack license is standard on Lake Erie Walleye Charters. This means they can only take five people plus themselves so keep this in mind. Often, if there is a large group, charters will work together to split up trips on the same day. Finally, pack your gear and book a Lake Erie Walleye Charter. If you like this article, read more about Lake Erie Fishing Charters.