Telescopic Fishing Rods

Lake Erie Fall Fishing
Lake Erie Fall Fishing

Compact and Portable Fishing Rod Design

Telescopic fishing rods are designed to collapse into a short distance and extend to a longer rod, ranging from 4-12 feet typically. The beauty of these rods lies in their ability to shrink to as little as a foot and a half. This exceptional feature makes them incredibly easy to transport, whether you’re heading to remote areas, traveling on buses, compact cars, or public transportation like buses and subways. The telescopic function ensures that all components, including the rod tip, are securely protected inside the robust parts of the rod, making them highly portable and less susceptible to breakage during transportation.

Material Composition

Telescopic fishing rods share the same materials as conventional one or two-piece rods, commonly utilizing graphite, fiberglass, or composite materials. These materials are designed to seamlessly slip into each other, facilitating the opening and closing of the rod. The eyes of telescopic rods, while generally similar to conventional designs, may have special features to enhance the strength of each section.

Popular Choice for Shore Fishing

Telescopic models find particular popularity among surf rods. Carrying around a 6-8 foot fishing rod, even in two pieces, can be cumbersome. The telescopic design, with shorter sections that close more compactly and feature more eyes, results in a superior power curve. This improves the weight distribution, stress resistance, extended casting range, and enhanced fish-fighting capabilities, ultimately reducing the risk of rod breakage.

While shore fishing Lake Erie, telescopic rods are especially useful. Many shore fisherman pack light. A telescopic fishing rod enables the angler to pack lightly while hiking to a fishing spot.

Telescopic Trolling Rods

Telescopic trolling rods are convenient while fishing from a boat. These rods add useful storage space in a rod locker and allow more rods to be stored. Telescopic trolling rods are also allow fisherman with limited rod locker length to store rods without sacrificing length. Popular rods extend from the butt of the rod to 7-9 feet and retract to 5-6 feet.

Strength and Delicacy

Telescopic rods prove to be excellent and robust fishing tools, capable of handling substantial loads and adeptly managing fish. However, they come with a delicate side, especially during the closing process. Breakages often occur when closing the rod, emphasizing the importance of avoiding sideways pressure on the rod segments. The recommended practice is to place the bottom of the rod on a stable surface when closing it and push the pieces straight in.

Handling Tips for Telescopic Fishing Rods

When handling telescopic fishing rods, extra care is required, especially with the three tip segments, which are particularly fragile. It is crucial not to open the telescopic rod in a way that rapidly whips a closed rod into the open position. Tip covers are usually provided to protect the tip and guides. When removing the rod from the car, especially if it’s a graphite rod, caution is advised to prevent breakage on the car door. Additionally, adhering to the rod’s power rating and using appropriate fishing lures and line are essential practices.

Closing and Opening Telescopic Fishing Rods

Closing a telescopic rod involves making a slight twisting motion while pushing the sections together. If pieces are stuck, various methods can be employed, such as using rubber pads for increased grip or gently tapping the stuck piece down on a flat surface. Cooling a section can also aid in the process.

Opening the telescopic rod is a straightforward process but requires delicate handling to prevent damage. By following specific steps—such as exposing the tip, attaching the line before opening, and pulling out each segment carefully—one can ensure easy opening without compromising the rod’s integrity. Avoid swinging the rod open and applying excessive pressure during the process to prevent pieces from getting stuck together.

There are many different types of rods to use while fishing Lake Erie. Jigging rods are a great additions to you collection.