Walleye Wings

Walleye wings
Walleye wings

The walleye fishing on Lake Erie is always good. Walleye tastes great and can be prepared in many ways. Walleye wings are often overlooked when cleaning a walleye for dinner. Most anglers choose to filet the meat off both sides of the fish along with the cheeks. However, the wings on a walleye cook up just like any other part and can be served as an appetizer or with the main course.

These oddball parts of a walleye get their name from the shape they are in. They include a small piece of belly meat along with fins from both sides of the walleye. Making it look like the piece of meat has wings.

How to Cut Walleye Wings

Cutting Walleye Wings

The wings on a walleye are located on the underside of the fish just behind the gill plates. They are obtained by cutting from under the throat to where your filet stops on the underside. Be sure to leave the fins intact, this makes them easier to prepare, cook, and eat.

How to Prepare Walleye Wings

walleye wing breading

Preparing this delicious treat is easy. Using an egg wash and breading is the best way to prepare them. Start with dipping the wing in the breading then the egg wash. After the egg wash dip the wing back into the breading. This gives the piece of meat a double crunch that is irresistible.

Walleye wings taste great smoked. Prepare by adding your favorite rub to the bare walleye wings. Then place in the smoker and cook to the proper temperature.

Cooking Instructions

cooking walleye wings

Cooking this piece of walleye is easy. Using vegetable or frying oil you can fry the wings alongside other pieces of fish. It’s easier to fry these in a shallow pan. Move the wings around as they cook so they do not burn. Using tongs is necessary so you do not burn yourself. These do not take long to cook. when they turn golden brown on the outside they are usually good to go. Check the temperature of the walleye before consuming.

Now it is time to enjoy one of the delicacies of a walleye. They are easy to eat by grabbing the wings and biting off the meat. Experimenting with different breading and seasonings can enhance the flavor. Next time you are cleaning walleye, be sure to keep a couple of the wings!