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jigging rod
jigging rod

Walleye jigging is popular, especially here at Lake Erie in the Western basin. Jigging requires specialized equipment and tackle, especially the rod choice. There are a lot of choices when it comes to a Lake Erie walleye jigging rod. Consider factors such as length, action, weight, and material when choosing the right jigging rod. Quality matters when choosing a rod. The better quality rod the more fish you will catch. This becomes simpler because there are rods available in all price ranges that will get the job done.

Choosing a Walleye Jigging Rod

Walleye Jigging Rod Action and Weight

Walleye Jigging Rod

Fishing rod action by definition is the amount of bend when pressure is applied. Picking the right action will help with success in jigging walleye. Fast and Extra Fast are the most common actions found in a walleye jigging rod. Both options offer a soft tip with plenty of backbone. A fast-action jigging rod is most popular on Lake Erie due to the size of the fish. Most importantly, there is a chance to catch a 10+ lb. walleye while jigging on Lake Erie.

Quite a few factors come into play when choosing a fishing rod weight for walleye jigging. The weight of the lure plays a big role. If using a heavier jig, a stiffer rod in medium to medium-heavy might be the best. If you are using a light jig like a glide bait, a softer rod in medium light will be best.

Walleye Jigging Rod Length

Typical jigging rods are used in the 6′-6″ to 7′-2″ range. This comes down to personal preference and what action you choose. When choosing a rod size, keep in mind people and storage on the boat. If you fish with a lot of people, netting might be easier with shorter rods. Storage becomes easier with shorter rods.

The length of the handle is as equally important as the overall rod length. Choose a handle that is made of cork and comfortable for your size of hand. Sensitivity varies greatly in rod handles, pick one that is sensitive enough to feel the bottom and a walleye bite.

Fishing Line Color

Choosing the right color of line for jigging walleye is important. Choose a bright-colored main line tipped with a fluorocarbon leader. A bright color main fishing line is necessary to see subtle bites. It is also used to see where your line is. While drifting, it is sometimes hard to see where your line is located. It does not matter if you are casting or vertical jigging, a bright-colored line will help you put more walleye in the boat.

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye

The Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye rod is one of the best rods for the money you can buy. The rod usually comes 7′-2″ in Medium or Medium Light. This rod also comes in any action. When fishing with a braided line this rod is sensitive enough to feel a light bite.

St. Croix Eyecon

The St Croix Eyecon is a great all-around walleye rod. This rod is offered in lengths of 5′-8″ to 8′ and in all actions. Choose an action that best suits your style of fishing. The sensitivity of a St. Croix rod is like no other. Some say it’s the most sensitive rod made. St. Croix also has a manufacturer warranty which a lot of fishermen like about the brand.

St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye

The St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye is a high-end fishing rod specifically designed for casting walleye. If price is a factor, this may not be the best rod for you. St. Croix offers the rods in lengths of 6′-6″ and 7′. It is offered in Medium Moderate and Medium Light actions. Just like the Eyecon rod, this Legend Tournament rod comes with a great manufacturer warranty and has unmatched sensitivity.

Temple Fork Outfitters TFO Professional Walleye Spinning Rod

Temple Fork Outfitters makes a well-rounded walleye jigging rod. They offer jigging rods in lengths of 6′-6″ to 7′-7″. TFO offers jigging rods in Medium to Medium Light actions. TFO makes a great jigging rod that won’t break the bank. These fishing rods perform well on Lake Erie.

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